1. Health Care is BROKEN in the United States

    The Health Care Delivery "system" in this country is broken. I am on the front lines of this every day trying to help people find health insurance under the "Affordable Care Act" which has been nothing remotely close to "Affordable." --People are giving up their doctors to have a health plan they can afford.  Many of our community doctors are in private practice.  They are becoming a rare breed …Read More

  2. The Denver Chamber has released this statement regarding Amendment 69:

    The Denver Chamber has launched a campaign to defeat Amendment 69, which would double the state budget through a $25 billion tax increase to create a single-payer, government-run health insurance system – eliminating the current market-based system. If passed, Colorado would immediately have the highest state taxes in the country. The Chamber is carefully studying all aspects of this proposed pl…Read More

  3. The Best Loveland Auto Insurance

    When it comes to Auto insurance, make sure you’re getting the proper coverage for the premium you’re paying. Choosing the right coverage can sometimes be difficult. You’ll sleep easier knowing that you are working with a professional team that truly cares about you! Visit our site today! We look forward to hearing from you!…Read More