1. Risk! (The only route to reward.)

    You have to take risks - the risk of trying and failing...or succeeding! "Risking is when you loosen your hold on that which you're certain of to reach for something you're not sure of but believe is better than what you have. Risk carries with it unavoidable loss; if you're growing, you're leaving something behind. Of course, not risking is the surest way to lose something; there is no status quo…Read More

  2. ColoradoCare is not about Care at all

    Amendment 69 Facts:  Amendment 69 is not a health care issue, it is a tax, control and benefit issue. TAX:  Amendment 69 would require all employers to pay 6.67% and employees to pay 3.33% payroll tax, in addition to the taxes already collected.  In addition, it would tax “all non-payroll income from all beneficiaries at 10%.”  A “beneficiary” is an “individual whose primary residenc…Read More