1. Health Care is BROKEN in the United States

    The Health Care Delivery "system" in this country is broken. I am on the front lines of this every day trying to help people find health insurance under the "Affordable Care Act" which has been nothing remotely close to "Affordable." --People are giving up their doctors to have a health plan they can afford.  Many of our community doctors are in private practice.  They are becoming a rare breed …Read More

  2. MEDICARE – OMG – “fun” facts I bet you never knew . . .

    MEDICARE: Medicare is the Federal program offered to individuals age 65 and better, and to those under 65 who are disabled. Bare Bones Definition: Medicare is an 80/20 plan where the Unites States Federal Government provides 80% of all health care costs for those in the program. Part A: Hospital Part B: Medical Needs - outside of the hospital Part C: Medicare Advantage (allowing a private insuranc…Read More

  3. ColoradoCare is not about Care at all

    Amendment 69 Facts:  Amendment 69 is not a health care issue, it is a tax, control and benefit issue. TAX:  Amendment 69 would require all employers to pay 6.67% and employees to pay 3.33% payroll tax, in addition to the taxes already collected.  In addition, it would tax “all non-payroll income from all beneficiaries at 10%.”  A “beneficiary” is an “individual whose primary residenc…Read More