You have to take risks – the risk of trying and failing…or succeeding!

“Risking is when you loosen your hold on that which you’re certain of to reach for something you’re not sure of but believe is better than what you have.

Risk carries with it unavoidable loss; if you’re growing, you’re leaving something behind.

Of course, not risking is the surest way to lose something; there is no status quo.

It’s OK to own your feelings, to be afraid when you are risking.  That’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.

SUCCESS sometimes depends more on the will to jump than on being concerned about what happens if you fail.  a life that is always comfortable, always without risk, is a life without growth.”

—Source – Sandler Training Development Journal


Right now I look at the risks in front of me and the risks in front of those I love and care for – – I count these RISKS as BLESSINGS!

We have the opportunity to market to new businesses – General Liability Insurance, Employee Benefits and more.  The risk is being told “no.”  Ok, I can handle that.

Maria, our oldest daughter, is in Nursing School in Colorado Springs – college and health care comes with all sorts of risks.  She is also a competitive weightlifter – yea, risk there too.  Sara, our youngest is heading off to Fort Hays State University in a couple of weeks – risk there – you bet!

The hard part is as humans, we see the risk and have a tendency to hang onto the FEAR CARD rather than focusing on the reward and grab the COURAGE CARD. (So sayeth my friend, Jennifer Tracy – Inspire Motivational Speaker.)

It is my most sincere prayer that our family leans how to reach for and grab that courage card and just pitch the fear card out the window – so much easier said than done.  Maybe it will come with practice! I have been practicing this for 50 years, but not consciously.  Let me focus on a conscious effort to Release Fear and GRAB COURAGE!  I sincerely pray this will be so.