Amendment 69 Facts:  Amendment 69 is not a health care issue, it is a tax, control and benefit issue.

TAX:  Amendment 69 would require all employers to pay 6.67% and employees to pay 3.33% payroll tax, in addition to the taxes already collected.  In addition, it would tax “all non-payroll income from all beneficiaries at 10%.”  A “beneficiary” is an “individual whose primary residence is in Colorado.”  Citizenship or permanent residence is not required.  If you own a rental property, the RENT is taxed at 10%.  If you have farm and ranch income, that would be taxed at 10%.Social Security and Unemployment payments will be taxed as well.  Eeww, this is bad!  But wait, there’s more….

CONTROL:  Amendment 69 would “establish a political subdivision of the state called ColoradoCare.  ColoradoCare is not an agency of the state and is not subject to administrative direction or control by any state executive, department, commission, board, bureau, or agency.”  In addition, “ColoradoCare and this article are exempt from Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution.”  While this may not sound too bad, this is TABOR.  TABOR is a law that was passed several years ago requiring that any tax increases are put to the vote of the public.  Tax increases cannot occur at a legislative whim.  This program, ColoradoCare, would be exempt from TABOR allowing the organization, run solely by 21 elected officials, to tax and spend at will.

BENEFITS:  I see, every day how broken our health care delivery is in this country, but this is not the answer.  Those in favor say how fabulous the benefits will be, however, those are not spelled out anywhere.  The benefits are to be determined later. Amendment 69 would be governed by a “member-elected board of 21 trustees… (which would) establish procedures for ensuring financial sustainability by adjusting payments and benefits.”  In-home meetings, forums hosted at the library, or other venues by those in favor of Amendment 69 will tell you how it is “free healthcare.” One proponent recently stated “no bill follows a medical procedure; hospital stay or office visit.”  This simply is not the case.  All of this is to be determined by the 21 elected officials running the “show.”

In reality, taxes would increase without a ceiling and at the whim of the “board”, and you are being asked to support this when the benefits have not been determined.  There is no way the proponents of Amendment 69 can honestly say what will and will not be covered.  There is no way the proponents of Amendment 69 can honestly say what your out of pocket costs may be on this program.  Even worse than that – the promoters of Amendment 69 seem to be able to sleep at night after promoting a huge take-over of your health care.

When you see the words, “SHALL STATE TAXES BE INCREASED $25 BILLION ANNUALLY” Just say NO!

Oh, Stop – This Just In…  The language of the ballot has mysteriously changed and it now says $28 BILLION.  Why on earth have they done this when the benefits are not determined.  Yes, the law does state certain elements of care are covered, but it does not give specifics other than “establish procedures for ensuring financial sustainability by adjusting payments and benefits.”

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