1. It’s Tax Time!

    It’s Tax Season! RETIREMENT It is not too late to fund your IRA for 2017!  Did you know you can fund your IRA through April 17, 2018 for the prior tax year?  Did you know that many times, funding your IRA can save you money on your taxes? (How Stuff Works Article: How Much Do IRA Contributions Reduce Taxes) Most are “hoping” to retire someday, but many are simply not planning for it. I ca…Read More

  2. Risk! (The only route to reward.)

    You have to take risks - the risk of trying and failing...or succeeding! "Risking is when you loosen your hold on that which you're certain of to reach for something you're not sure of but believe is better than what you have. Risk carries with it unavoidable loss; if you're growing, you're leaving something behind. Of course, not risking is the surest way to lose something; there is no status quo…Read More

  3. Health Care is BROKEN in the United States

    The Health Care Delivery "system" in this country is broken. I am on the front lines of this every day trying to help people find health insurance under the "Affordable Care Act" which has been nothing remotely close to "Affordable." --People are giving up their doctors to have a health plan they can afford.  Many of our community doctors are in private practice.  They are becoming a rare breed …Read More

  4. The Denver Chamber has released this statement regarding Amendment 69:

    The Denver Chamber has launched a campaign to defeat Amendment 69, which would double the state budget through a $25 billion tax increase to create a single-payer, government-run health insurance system – eliminating the current market-based system. If passed, Colorado would immediately have the highest state taxes in the country. The Chamber is carefully studying all aspects of this proposed pl…Read More

  5. MEDICARE – OMG – “fun” facts I bet you never knew . . .

    MEDICARE: Medicare is the Federal program offered to individuals age 65 and better, and to those under 65 who are disabled. Bare Bones Definition: Medicare is an 80/20 plan where the Unites States Federal Government provides 80% of all health care costs for those in the program. Part A: Hospital Part B: Medical Needs - outside of the hospital Part C: Medicare Advantage (allowing a private insuranc…Read More

  6. ColoradoCare is not about Care at all

    Amendment 69 Facts:  Amendment 69 is not a health care issue, it is a tax, control and benefit issue. TAX:  Amendment 69 would require all employers to pay 6.67% and employees to pay 3.33% payroll tax, in addition to the taxes already collected.  In addition, it would tax “all non-payroll income from all beneficiaries at 10%.”  A “beneficiary” is an “individual whose primary residenc…Read More